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Adult Individual Counseling

In Adulthood, we be become faced with the challenge of navigating the various roles we have taken on or been assigned by others. There may be moments in which we are forced to devote ourselves to our duties in one role thus neglecting our other parts. Alternatively, we may have so many different ways we are being pulled that we become stretched thin across the board. Either has the possibility to affect your well-being psychologically, emotionally, and physically. I am here to offer a space tailored for you to be as you are in the moment, bringing with you every part of yourself.

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Late Childhood & Adolescent Individual Counseling (Ages 10+)

Life can feel both confusing and exciting as independence is discovered and explored for the first time. I understand that this new stage poses challenges as you experience changes physically and emotionally. As you navigate who you are and who you want to be, I would like to provide you the space and support to express yourself as you authentically are. I have experience addressing a wide variety of concerns including troubled relationships, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, loss and life transitions.

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Couples Counseling

Relationships can present challenging experiences for everyone. I am here to help you navigate an often overlooked stage, maintenance. Through our work together, it is my hope that we identify areas of growth, increase empathetic communication, rediscover strengths, and restore trust. I specialize in navigating diversity in relationships (e.g., differences in ethnic background, religious backgrounds) as well as pre-marital counseling.

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